About Nortim Precision Engineering

We are a small family run business which was established in 1971. We have a 4,000ft2 workshop area and Nortim Tools LTD is AAC ISO 9001 registered and UKAS approved. We have a large loyal international customer base within many sectors. We currently have 6 skilled engineers and 2 apprentices.

 Our Timeline

  • 1971: Business was started by Paul Norman, Philip Timms and John Carpenter

  • 1975: Philip Timms and John Carpenter bought the business share from Paul Norman. Nortim Precision started work with their first oilfield company who are now one of their biggest customers.

  • 1979: Nortim Precision moved to New Mills Industrial Estate

  • 1985: Nortim Precision bought half of the New Mills Industrial Estate

  • 1997: Nortim Precision bought a machining centre

  • 2004: John Carpenter bought Philip Timms out of the business and buildings and became a sole owner

  • 2005: Nortim Precision bought a new CNC lathe

  • 2008: Nortim Precision bought an XYZ SLX 555-2M

  • 2011: Tony Powell bought John Carpenter out of the business and expanded quickly.

  • 2012: Nortim Precision took on their first apprentice

  • 2013: Best business year so far with a turn over of £1.1 million. Nortim Precision bought a CNC Doosan lathe.

  • 2014: Nortim Precision took on a second apprentice

  • 2015: Nortim Precision bought a second machining centre.

Our Markets

  • Oil & Gas

  • Automotive

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Food & Drink

  • Medical

  • Electronic

  • Acoustic

  • Nuclear